Cloud Heroes Africa is a nonprofit , support and learning group set out to help Africans to learn and grow in this new era of cloud computing

We help you learn and grow in Cloud Computing

Here you will be coached and inspired by many who have succeeded

Learn and grow with us in the cloud

We help you prepare for your cloud certifications by assisting with study material and more .

Interaction between ambitious AWS students and Professionals

Interacting with other cloud students who are very ambitious and ready to learn by getting their hands dirty

Cloud Heroes Africa

We are the descendants of mother Africa. We are awake! Our metamorphosis has begun! This is something new to us and we have embraced it. We are taking everyone along. Ready or not, here we come. We are joining the rest of the world in the cloud. On-premise cannot contain us! We belong in the cloud! Our coordinates are not important. Just know we are Africans in the cloud. We are figuring out the contours, meandering along side technology and following the digital transformation compass.



Cloud heroes Africa is a nonprofit, support and learning group. Created by Reverend Sister Jeannette and Shang Alphonse Samoa for the purpose of helping Cameroonians in particular, to learn and grow in this new and Beautiful IT world that is AWS Cloud Computing.


As you may know there are many cloud providers, and they are all doing well. But our group is focused on AWS because of the overwhelming advantages that are provided by AWS and no other cloud provider. AWS owns 50% of the entire cloud and has more than 200 and increasing different services designed to meet the different IT needs of any company. Contact us



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